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Steve McQueen makes a dramatic comeback in this adaptation of one of the best car racing movies of all times - Le Mans.

This TRIBUTE edition is an art book of 64 pages on luxury paper in large size (34cm x 25cm) covering the 1st part of the movie.
Available in English, French, German and Italian. Price is .



Sandro and Guillaume

Book signing at the 24 hours of le Mans 2017

Sandro, an amateur Swiss artist, started this great adventure.

In late 2013, he decided to create a graphic novel based on the film Le Mans, thereby combining his two passions, art and classic cars. He sees this graphic novel as beautiful, dynamic and spectacular.

He first teamed up with Guillaume, an illustrator of 20 Michel Vaillant graphic novels, to create the magnificent and legendary cars, and then with Thomas to storyboard and create all the characters in the book.

A few months later, Florian, a German professor of architecture, and Pierre, an author of many illustrated books about cars, joined the small team. They were also responsible for the scenery and coloring, respectively.

After being approved by Chad McQueen, CBS and the ACO, the graphic novel was finally ready to print in October 2016. Sandro chose a large format and high-quality materials to enhance the beauty of the entire team’s work.

On December 9, 2016, after 3 years of hard work, this graphic novel was an instant hit with enthusiasts of car racing, the movie Le Mans and the King of Cool, and its success was well-deserved.

Sandro Garbo – Guillaume Lopez – Thomas Lebeltel – Florian Afflerbach – Pierre Ménard – Jared Barel – Julien Dejeu

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