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Month: April 2017

the detail is second-to-none

Also, after perusing the product, I have to say you guys put together a fantastic piece of memorabilia – the detail is second-to-none! Can’t wait for the second instalment. Matthew Laker

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A Must for Connoisseurs of Le Mans

You have a copy of Le Mans on videotape. You have a copy of Le Mans on DVD. You’ve watched Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans a couple of times. If you are my age, you saw Le Mans on the BIG screen. If so, this “Art Graphic Novel” is a great present for yourself. The quality of the printing and size puts this in the coffee table book category. The rendering of the cars is superb. The people are in the style of graphic novels, but then that’s what this is. This is not a scene-for-scene recreation and there are scenes and dialogue in the book that are not in the movie, but they could have been. This book ends with Delaney’s horrific crash sequence, so budget for Volume II in a couple of years. By Amazon...

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