I have always felt that “Le Mans” was the best pure racing movie ever made. (It was far more exciting than the real 1970 race!) Yes, it has no real plot and little character development, but I think that’s what made it a great racing movie. No love story, no unnecessary characters added, no superfluous plot diversions. Of course, I have it on DVD, along with “The Man & Le Mans” and “A French Kiss With Death”, so this graphic novel (a genre I usually dislike) was a natural addition.
This is a spectacular effort. The very large page size emphasizes the quality of the artwork, and the technical aspect is very good; even Porsche and Ferrari fans will find little fault. There are a few added scenes that weren’t in the movie; I can’t say that they add to the book, but they certainly do not detract. This is clearly a labor of love by Sandro Garbo and his studio. The magazine article that informed me of this book indicated there will be an “Episode 2” but gave no indication when that would be. It took 3 years to produce this book; hopefully not another 3 years for the rest of the story!

By Amazon Customer